Frequently-Asked Questions

Why should I sign up with Rock the Boards?

Our philosophy is simple but powerful: we were exactly where you are a few years ago, and want to give you the leg up that we never had over the radiology and anesthesiology exams! We know what you need to succeed, and we’re giving you exactly that.

That’s kind of vague, how about a concrete answer?

We personally used every product out there to prepare for our board exams – every single one had significant drawbacks. Many are simply not geared towards test preparation, but rather the accumulation of general radiologic knowledge. Great for learning, not so much for your life-changing CORE, Certifying, DR/IR, BASIC, and ADVANCED exams. Others had a slipshod interface and mediocre questions – we think we can and did do better.

What can you offer me?

How about thousands of image-rich questions for radiology, and content-focused anesthesiology questions? Our radiology Qbanks cover questions in *every* CORE, Certifying, and DR/IR category, especially physics, and the new “essentials of diagnostic radiology” and “non-interpretive skills” areas. We designed an intuitive user interface based off the real thing, and a comprehensive analysis system that lets you know how you’re doing globally, by category, and against other users.

What do others think of Rock the Boards?

Funny you should ask…take a look at what our clients think about what we do well, and where there’s room for improvement. Yes, that’s right, we publish constructive criticism of our users as well!

Is Rock the Boards a “recall” type product?

Absolutely not! Questions are written by content experts from freely-available study material like books and published research.

How does it work?

Please go to our “learn more” page, where you can take a sample test, watch a short video walkthrough of the site, and see screenshots of what Rock the Boards has to offer.

What’s the refund/return policy?

If you’ve changed your mind after purchasing a subscription, and haven’t taken a big bite of our question bank, we’ll be more than happy to offer a full refund within 24 hours, simply email us. Other circumstances will be taken on a case-by-case basis.

I failed – can I use your product again for free?

Sorry about that :( Absolutely, just reach out to us, and we’ll get you set up again!

How many questions do I have access to?

Depends on the Qbank, but generally you’ll get from 800-1600 questions, and they grow every month! Interested in writing for us? Please contact us, we’d love to work with you!

I want to partner with Rock the Boards for my residency program.

Great! Shoot us an email and let’s work together :) We offer DEEP discounts for group sign-ups, and EXTENDED access.

When does my subscription activate?

Your subscription count-down auto-activates upon purchase.

How do I delete a test I took?

You can’t, but don’t worry, as you gain experience and knowledge through our question bank, your scores will improve!

Can I “pause” an exam and come back to it later?

Yes! Also, you will have access to ALL your past exams, including images and explanations, for the length of your subscription.

I’d like to join your team or write questions for y’all!

Wonderful, email us and we’ll be in touch ASAP!

I have an idea for your company.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with your great ideas :)

What if I have other questions?

We value your questions and feedback, simply email us through the website.

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