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Allison Simons, M.D.

PGY-4 resident, Indiana University

"Rock the Boards was an easy user interface with a broad range of questions, good quality images and a hefty amount of 2nd/3rd level questions. Unlike some resources, their answer explanations were short and to the point, making it quick to review a 100 question simulated test. The cumulative performance metrics allowed me to identify trouble topics and then monitor improvement. The writers were really responsive to questions, and anticipated upgrades will make it even more user friendly! Thanks RTB!"

Nelly Tan, M.D.

Resident, UCLA Radiology

"Great source for additional MCQ...explanations are very good and detailed."

"It's...newer, so it still needs to fix a few bugs on optimizing images."

"Thanks Nelly! We're going through the entire database to optimize the images"

Kris R., M.D.

Attending, New York City private practice

"Lots of good Non-interpretive and Essentials questions for us Certifying folks"

"It would be nice to have a so-called 'tutor mode' in addition"

"Thanks Kris! We're working on developing that option..."

Bradley E., M.D.

Attending, West Coast Academic University

"Rock the Boards was a good tool in studying for my MOC exam"

"You guys need more MOC-focused questions"

"Thanks Bradley! We've developed an entirely new database for MOC prep!"

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